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Sam Badman

Center for Astrophysics


Sam researches the global structure of the Sun's extended atmosphere combining numerical models, remote observations of solar structure and in situ measurements of the solar wind. He has a particular emphasis on using new measurements from the inner heliosphere from spacecraft such as Parker Solar Probe, and is a team member of the Solar Wind Electrons Alphas and Protons instrument, which was partially built at SAO. He is also a strong believer in the use of open source software to enable reproducible research, easy collaboration and allowing others to build on your own work without doing it again from scratch (see his github here: Sam received his Ph.D. in physics at the University of California Berkeley in August 2022 before moving to the CfA. In his spare time he likes to play keyboard, hike, kayak, travel, try new food, watch movies!

MPhys, University of Oxford; Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley