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Tirna Deb

Center for Astrophysics
Rubicon Fellow


Dr. Tirna Deb is a Rubicon Fellow working on observational studies of galaxy evolution in cluster environments. Her previous research delved into understanding the impacts of both global and local cosmic environments on galaxy evolution. This included a broad exploration of the morphologies of atomic hydrogen gas discs in galaxies situated in various locations within substructures of A2626 galaxy cluster. Additionally, her focus was on 'jellyfish galaxies' within A2626, which are undergoing intense ram-pressure stripping leading to star formation in their tails. She is working with radio data from MeerKAT, ALMA, SMA, as well as optical data from WHT and INT telescopes, to further investigate the life cycles of interacting galaxies and their cold gas contents located in and around cluster environments. Tirna obtained her PhD from the University of Groningen, and her bachelor's and master's degrees from Presidency University. She is a member of the Radio and Geoastronomy Division.

Ph.D in Astrophysics