Scott Paine - Presentations

2013 Mar 19 - Science with ALMA Band 11, The Queen's College, Oxford
"Atmospheric Modeling at Submillimeter Wavelengths" (4.5 MB pdf)

2011 May 24 - Smithsonian Climate Change Research Symposium, Washington, DC
"Atmospheric Radiometry for Astronomy and Climate Science" (12.2 MB pdf)

2010 December 1 - Astronomical Site Testing Data in Chile, Valparaiso
"Advancing the Understanding of Radiative Processes in the Upper Troposphere: The RHUBC Campaign on Cerro Toco" (3.8 MB pdf)

2008 November 1 - Dome A Science Workshop, Nanjing
"Atmospheric Modeling and Instrument Design for the Dome A FTS" (0.9 MB pdf)

2008 August 12 - XXIX URSI General Assembly, Chicago
"Atmospheric Phase Correction for Submillimeter Astronomy Using Stratospheric Ozone Line Emission" (14.7 MB pdf)

2008 June 12 - Chinese Center for Antarctic Astronomy Collaboration Meeting, Beijing
"A Fourier Spectrometer for Dome A - Atmospheric Modeling and Design Issues" (2.4 MB pdf)

2006 October 9 - Wettzell WVR Workshop
"The am atmospheric model and applications to WVR and phase correction" (3.4 MB pdf)

2006 July 27 - AER, Inc., Lexington MA
"Atmospheric Propagation Studies for Submillimeter Radio Astronomy" (12.5 MB pdf)

2006 July 19 - CCAT Partnership Meeting, Cornell University
"The RLT on Sairecabur" (6.5 MB pdf)


Cerro Sairecabur