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Rutuparna Das

Center for Astrophysics


Rutuparna Das is an astrophysicist and science communicator, spending her time learning about the universe and sharing its wonders with everyone around her.  She works with NASA’s Universe of Learning, bringing multiwavelength astrophysics to the community through various public engagement initiatives, such as workshops with student groups, videos and interactives for museums, and informal chats about space with young children and adults alike. She particularly enjoys telling the stories of science, especially about how we learn about the universe, and about the people behind the discoveries. In her own explorations of the cosmos, she is curious about many different fields of astrophysics, though currently, her research focuses on galaxy clusters, gravitational lensing, unusual X-ray sources, and cosmology – particularly, the composition and evolution of the universe. In addition to sharing science and conducting research, she is committed to fostering an inclusive and equitable environment in astrophysics and STEM in general, making efforts to make the joys of science available and accessible to all.

Physics PhD