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Timothy J. Norton

Center for Astrophysics


Managing Astronomical Objectives in the Arctic - As Project Manager for the Greenland Telescope Project, I most recently managed the installation and support of a 12m radio telescope in Greenland. A key objective of the project is to participate with similar telescopes around the world in VLBI mode in the quest to image the shadow of a black hole! I have a strong background in Mechanical Engineering, which began over 38 years ago in the field of infrared imaging systems for the defense industry. I joined the CfA in 1991, as a Project Engineer on the Chandra X-Ray Observatory calibration effort. I spent a dozen years overseeing the design, build and installation of optical and infrared instruments at the Chilean Magellan Telescopes and at the MMT in Arizona. I was the Project Manager of two engineering efforts for the GMT; the Acquisition, Guide and Wavefront Sensing (AGWS) project and the G-CLEF spectrograph project. Overseeing both projects into their ongoing design phase. My next effort is to manage development of the next generation Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) Small Aperture Telescopes (SAT), currently in the Concept Development stage. My introductory statement will be revised to reflect “Astronomical Objectives at Both Poles!”.