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Patrick Slane

Center for Astrophysics
Director, Chandra X-ray Center; Senior Astrophysicist, SAO


Dr. Slane is the Director of the Chandra X-ray Center, which which controls science and flight operations for the Chandra X-ray Observatory, NASA's flagship mission for X-ray astronomy. His research centers on high energy astrophysics, with particular concentration on the aftermath of massive stellar explosions (supernova remnants, young neutron stars, and pulsar winds). Dr. Slane has supported the scientific community as a member of the Executive Committees for the High Energy Astrophysics Division of the AAS and the Division of Astrophysics of the APS. He has been the recipient of numerous NASA Group Achievement awards and Smithsonian Superior Accomplishment awards, and has been elected as a Fellow of the APS. A former high school teacher, he remains involved in a variety of education outreach activities to bring science topics to schools and the public, and in supervising the research efforts of undergraduate and graduate students.

B.S.E. (Physics, Mathematics) University of Wisconsin - Whitewater; M.S. (Mathematics) University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee; PhD (Physics) University of Wisconsin - Madison