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Thomas Gauron

Center for Astrophysics
Senior Electrical Engineer / Electrical Systems Engineer


Tom is a Senior Engineer and Electrical Group Leader in the CfA Central Engineering’s Electrical Group. He joined the CfA in 1987, coming from a small company specializing in the design and development of benchtop CNC machine tools for the vocational training and rapid prototyping market.. He has worked on many instruments for space flight and ground based facilities, including Chandra/HRC, Hectospec, MMIRS, Binospec, Parker Solar Probe/SWEAP Solar Probe Cup, and are currently working on Monolithic CMOS soft x-ray imaging detectors and engineering/operations support for the ongoing Chandra/HRC mission.

MSEE (Radar Systems) / BSEE (Power Systems) Tufts Graduate School / Tufts College of Engineering